Founder and Inventor, Dan Borislow

Daniel Borislow

Founder and Inventor

Dan Borislow is the founder of YMAX Communications Corporation, a modern phone company with the largest competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) network in the U.S, and inventor of the magicJack™.

Borislow has been in the telecommunications industry for over twenty years and is recognized in the industry for pioneering the development of breakthrough technologies. He previously held the position of CEO and founder of publicly-held Tel-Save, Inc. At Tel-Save, Borislow revolutionized low-cost long-distance for more than four million America Online (AOL) customers. While with Tel-Save, he saved customers over 40% on their phone bills and also received the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates Award for Customer Satisfaction.

After a brief attempt at retirement, Borislow returned to the telecom industry and invented the magicJack. By eliminating the expense of local and long distance phone charges - and saving the average customer around $1000 a year - magicJack is positioned to be the fastest growing telecom company in the world; Borislow likes to call it “Telecom Revolution Part II.”

Borislow received a Bachelor of Arts degree and honorary doctorate degrees from Widener University. He is an avid soccer player, dedicated deep sea fisherman, enjoys watching sports and has a Thoroughbred Horse Breeding Business.

CEO and Chairman of the Board, Donald A. Burns

Donald A. Burns

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Donald A. Burns (Don) serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of YMax Corp., and is responsible for the day-to-day operations, leadership, and the financial integrity of the company. YMax Corp. offers a variety of telecom services, consumer products and software development through its subsidiary operating companies.

Burns began his telecommunications career at ATX Communications, Inc. at its founding in 1985, shortly after the break-up of the Bell System. ATX survives as the first and longest continually operational super regional, full-service telecom company. He went on to found Telco Communications Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:TCGX) in 1993, where he served as Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board. TCGX revolutionized the way residential long distance customers could access discounted telephone rates while not changing their primary long distance company. 10-10 dialing brought reduced phone bills to millions that had been reluctant to change long distance carriers. TCGX thrived as the first publicly traded company that popularized 10-10 dialing, growing to a market capitalization of $1.2 billion in its three quarters as a public company with annual revenue topping $400 million in its first three years of operation. Bringing savings to millions of residential customers while growing a small business sales operation brought a sale of TCGX to Excel Communications Corp. (NYSE:ECI) in 1997. ECI was ultimately sold to Bell Canada Enterprises (NYSE:BCE).

Chief Financial Officer, Peter Russo

Peter Russo

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Russo currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer of YMax Corporation where he is responsible for the financial and administrative management of the company.

Russo has had a long and successful career in both the telecom and financial sectors. He was the Chief Financial Officer of Group Long Distance, Inc. (GLD), a publicly traded reseller of local and long distance services. GLD was licensed to resell services in 48 states. Prior to joining GLD, Russo was the Executive Vice President of State Bank of South Australia. (SBSA). Russo was the most senior ranking offshore officer of SBSA and in 1991 he became the youngest individual ever to serve as the Chief Officer of a New York branch of a foreign bank.

Russo holds a B.B.A. degree from Pace University in New York.